WIN WIN Sustainability Youth Adventure のSDGレポーターになりました!


【English below】
CONDがWin Win Sustainability Youth Award 2020の最終20団体にノミネートされました!(358団体80ヶ国からの応募)
ノミネートされた団体のみが参加できる #winwinsustainabilityadventure プログラムにて、1ヶ月間の #SDGreporters を務めます⭐️

モーリシャスの Sov Lanatir と
ネパールの Biodiversity Conservancy Nepalになりました🤗


COND was nominated in final 20 candidates out of 358 nominees from 80 countries for the Win Win Sustainability Youth Award 2020!!
So we were selected for SDG reporters with the other finalists!
Last Saturday, Our president, Kotoko Yadomaru, embarked on a journey with the other finalists of the WINWIN Biodiversity award. Together we will spread inspiring stories about the visions in action for a better human-nature relationship!
She is excited to share the #winwinsustainabilityadventure with our co-reporter from Sov Lanatir from Mauritius and @bioconnepal from Nepal!
She learned from them three things that make a powerful story:
1.Need to based on own strongly backgrounds and experiences
2.Need to summarize the point of story when do storytelling
3.When do storytelling, it’s important to how to speak(e.g. voice, facial expression and gestures) of the story